50 Funny College Basketball-March Madness Bracket Names

With the 2013 NCAA Tournament kicking off next week, it's time for college basketball fans to start filling out their March Madness brackets. For those playing online, it also means coming up with a humorous or ridiculously over-the-top name to go along with their ill-fated picks. With that in mind, we pulled together some of our favorites. 

  Grand Theft Otto Porter Jr. (Georgetown)   Full Metal Bracket   Naters Gonna Nate (South Dakota State’s Nate Wolters)   Dunk You Very Much   Don’t Haith the Player, Haith the Game   I saw Gun-Zaga, You Say Gone-Zaga, let’s call the whole thing off   I Got the Vander Blues   My Russdiculous Picks   The Dana Altman Brothers Band   Pros and Cuonzo   March Sadness   Happily Raftery After   Did you get your spring game ticket yet? (SEC fans only)   Rick Byrd’s Sweatervest   John Groce Pointe Blank

Final Fourgasm   A Cinderella Story   Russ-elmania 2013   Siva Seat for Me   Knock Down the Trey (Trey Burke, Michigan)   Boom Skaka Shaka   What Cav you done for me lately?   I’d rather be golfing with Jim Boeheim   What channel is TruTV again?   Church of Bracketology   Don't Tell Anyone, but I kinda like Notre Dame's Uniforms   March Mad Men   James Michael McAdoo the Right Thing   Calipari's Recruiting Budget   Lobos know Brackets   Wake me up when Duke loses   Shabazz-er Beaters

When I Think About You I Touch Bill Self

Thad Matta World Peace   Cinderella's Left Slipper   All Zeller, No Filler   Wait, this isn't the NIT?   Winning by Accident   One and Done   Buzzer Beaters Anonymous   My Other Bracket Joined the ACC   Buzz Williams' Barber   One Man Wolfpack   iPick Pretty Jerseys   No X-'Cuse-s    Villa No Fun    Shoeless Joe Jackson (Memphis)   The Butler Did it ... Again

Could it be ... CREIGHTON?

Larranaga, Moe and Curly